Wings -  For empowering women....

Wings will empower you through two steps...

The first one is through the one hour tuning session...and personal discussions..
Second one is your regular practice...

A brief on Wings: 

Wings care for 'She'... empowers with 'Adrenergic Modulation' method.

Why is it for 'She' ?

The modulation method used in this program is well connected with female endocrine system and the activation happens through a reflex point (Marma) connected with Fallopian tube. 

What is 'Adrenergic Modulation'? 

Adrenalin/epinephrine is a neurotransmitter produced by and released from the adrenal glands. Release of this chemical activates the sympathetic nervous system through the alpha-adrenergic and beta-adrenergic receptor families and produces the classic “fight-or-flight response” including increased blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate.
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This system helps regulate your body’s reaction to stress or emergency. During times of stress, the SNS releases chemical messengers from the adrenal gland. These chemical messengers act on your body to increase heart rate, sweating, and breathing rate and to decrease digestion. This is sometimes called the “fight or flight” response.

Why Modulation?  Not activation...

Wings, the procedures,  stimulate the Adrenergic system in a modulated way without using any chemicals.  This modulation will empower your body in a creative way and will provides perfect stimulation for all organs connected with Sympathetic nerves. 

In HF (Heart Failure): 

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Heart failure (HF), the leading cause of death in the western world, develops when a cardiac injury or insult impairs the ability of the heart to pump blood and maintain tissue perfusion. It is characterized by a complex interplay of several neurohormonal mechanisms that get activated in the syndrome in order to try and sustain cardiac output in the phase of decompensating function. Perhaps the most prominent among these neurohormonal mechanisms is the adrenergic (or sympathetic) nervous system (ANS), whose activity and outflow are enormously elevated in HF. Acutely, and if the heart works properly, this activation of the ANS will promptly restore cardiac function. However, if the cardiac insult persists over time, chances are the ANS will not be able to maintain cardiac function, the heart will progress into a state of chronic decompensated HF, and the hyperactive ANS will continue to “push” the heart to work at a level much higher than the cardiac muscle can handle. From that point on, ANS hyperactivity becomes a major problem in HF, conferring significant toxicity to the failing heart and markedly increasing its morbidity and mortality. 
Perfect modulated ANS (Adrenergic Nervous system) is a saviour of your heart and life.

In Liver functions: 

Recent evidence that the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) regulates liver repair by modulating the phenotypes of hepatic stellate cells (HSCs), the liver's principal fibrogenic cells, and hepatic epithelial progenitors, i.e., oval cells. SNS nerve fibers touch HSCs and these cells express adrenoceptors, suggesting that HSCs may be targets for SNS neurotransmitters. HSCs also contain catecholamine biosynthetic enzymes, release norepinephrine (NE), and are growth‐inhibited by adrenoceptor antagonists. 

Body metabolism & Obesity : 

Sympathetic tone is well recognised as being implicit in cardiovascular control. It is less readily acknowledged that activation of the sympathetic nervous system is integral in energy homeostasis and can exert profound metabolic effects
Accumulating data from animal and human studies suggest that central sympathetic overactivity plays a pivotal role in the aetiology and complications of several metabolic conditions that can cluster to form the Metabolic Syndrome (MetS)

In Diabetic conditions: 

Given the known augmented risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature mortality associated with the MetS understanding the complex pathways underlying the metabolic derangements involved has become a priority. Many factors have been proposed to contribute to increased sympathetic nerve activity in metabolic abnormalities including obesity, impaired baroreflex sensitivity, hyperinsulinemia, and elevated adipokine levels. Furthermore there is mounting evidence to suggest that chronic sympathetic overactivity can potentiate two of the key metabolic alterations of the MetS, central obesity and insulin resistance. This review will discuss the regulatory role of the sympathetic nervous system in metabolic control and the proposed pathophysiology linking sympathetic overactivity to metabolic abnormalities. Pharmacological and device-based approaches that target central sympathetic drive will also be discussed as possible therapeutic options to improve metabolic control in at-risk patient cohorts.

In Anxiety Disorders:

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a common chronic condition that is understudied compared to other psychiatric disorders. An altered adrenergic function has been reported in GAD, however direct evidence for genetic susceptibility is missing. This study evaluated the associations of gene variants in adrenergic receptors (ADRs) with GAD, with the involvement of stressful events.

Generally speaking... a proper modulation of Adrenergic system, can promote your entire wellness and wellbeing along with a healthy life style.. 

A Non-medicated..Non Chemical Stimulation for Modulation:

As per the research paper published on August 1970 in USA, by ELSlMAR METZKER COUTlNHO, M.D., HUGO MAlA, M.D.,AND J. ADEODATO FlLHO, M.D.

    Departments of Biochemistry and Obstetrics (Maternidade Climerio de Oliveira), University of                   Bahia, Bahia, Brazil shows the interesting facts on RESPONSE OF THE HUMAN FALLOPIAN TUBE TO ADRENERGIC STIMULATION. 
uses a special stimulation method in Fallopian tube area with an integrated way of various programs. 

Healing of Sound:  The Power of Sound energy management and Resonance based body tuning method. 

The powerful combination of 4 different Singing bowls in 4 resonance. 

1. Whole body energy transmission and functionality improvement 
2. Modulation and controlling over emotions 

3. Brain & related circulatory system. 
4. Stomach & lower abdomen areas. 

Our sound healing methods are developed through various observations and studies on sound energy, resonance and the impacts on surrounding & body and much more related with ancient and modern principles and researches on Music & sound energy management. 
The perfect ratio combination of 4 different resonance connected with other methods  in Wings is capable to make proper stimulation & Modulation in a woman's body. 

Oushadhi Marg (Herbal Extractions): 

Usage of various herbal extractions to get support in yogic empowerment and activations are popular in India, China and many such countries.  
Wings uses certain herbal extractions as Oushadhi Marg to cleanse and stimulate the body for better Modulation. 

Image result for sinus near nosea) Soothing Breath:   Inhale and exhale is the root of any energy based or yogic practices. A restricted breath flow can damage or reduce the effect of any good practices.  In normal life a bad breathing pattern can cause plenty of defects. It may be caused by nostril blocks, bad life style habits or more. 

The program is designed very carefully to handle such disorientations to empower a woman through any of her practices with an 'Easy breath' solution. 

Special application in sinus areas with a small procedure can assure your easy breathing.  

b) General Stress relief: 

Calmness and withdrawal of mind from outside interference is an essential part of concentration and energy modulation practices. The excessively  generated energies modulation can be handled through Oushadhi Marg. The step one procedure is handling of eyes and related sinus nerves. The practice of this procedure is connected with a breathing instruction. 

c). Third Eye applications: 

    A specially prepared Sandal powder using Solar & Lunar enforcement method and Brahmi oil prepared in distillation method is the step 2 application for the entire calmness. This will support the modulated energy transmission through out the body. 

d) Fallopian Point Stimulation: 

As explained before this is the main application using with a special Stimulant oil around two inches below the naval portion. 

Breath & Stimulations:  
Wings the total procedure is basically controlled by special breathing methods.

 This method includes imagination & controlled breath for better concentration,
 Supportive stimulation method for Fallopian area
 Body energising procedure with external & universal energy reflections 
 Whole body relaxation procedure through guided control.

General Details:

After the tuning session we will provide a kit which contains herbal application for one month practice and a sound track for guidance. 

A regular practice will ensure, a healthy living status and support for your daily life and empowerment practices. 

Wings, are willing to provide regular support and guidance related with your daily practice. 


Phone: +91 7304633955